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Claims on Car Insurance: To Do and Not To Do

14 August 2021

Owning a vehicle is the ultimate dream for many individuals. But getting insurance coverage for the car is the right step to make sure the dream lasts. Car insurance provides you with financial cover in case something happens to your vehicle.

If your insured car is stolen or involved in an accident, you should follow several predetermined steps to get the claim settled. This post provides you with the do’s and don’ts when filing an insurance claim.


Car Insurance Claims: Do’s


Exchanging the personal information of the parties involved and noting the vehicle number

Immediately following an accident, the driver of each vehicle should exchange the following information: name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, and vehicle number.

If there are injured parties in an accident, call for medical assistance and the police immediately. 

Contact your insurance company

If you’re involved in an accident or your car is stolen, first inform your insurance company about the incident within 24 hours or by the next working day. In the case of an accident, the insurance company takes rapid actions to inspect the damage to provide you with the required coverage.

Take photos for proof

1. Take photos of your damaged car and the third party’s car to act as proof of the accident.

2. It will be useful to take wide-angled photographs showing all the damaged property including road signs and lane markings.

3. The evidence is crucial for your car’s insurance claim.

Go through the coverage note properly

Make sure to go through the coverage note before contacting your insurer or agent. Look into the “Coverage” and “Exclusion” sections of your policy to understand it well.

Be honest

Never hide anything from your insurer, regardless of how embarrassing it might be. Being dishonest can deny you coverage or invalidate your policy.

Be extra careful when filling forms

When filling the claim form, make sure to keep your information handy. This includes your policy details, your credentials, and information about your car. A small mistake can go a long way in messing up your claim process.

Submit relevant documents

Submit all the required documents on time to start and complete the claim process as soon as possible. Among the documents you should submit are your ID, a photocopy of your driver’s license, and a repair invoice.


Car Insurance Claims: Don’ts


Don’t leave the accident spot

Unless it is an emergency, do not leave the accident scene. Leaving the spot could tamper with proof of damages. And this can affect the coverage amount you’re supposed to receive from your insurer.

If someone is injured or there has been a fatal accident, please do not move the injured person or vehicle(s).

Contact emergency services as soon as you see an injury in yourself or someone else in your car. Give emergency personnel your exact location if you can, but if you can't do this yourself, ask someone else in the car to do it or ask a bystander if they can call emergency services for you.

Don't disregard your policy's time limit

Most insurance policies demand that you provide proof of loss within a specified amount of time. Ensure that you adhere to this guideline unless the insurance company offers you a written waiver.




Buying a car is one thing and making sure the car is protected is another. Insurance cover is crucial in ensuring your vehicle stays protected from damage or theft. But with so many insurance policies out there, choosing the right one could be daunting. Different insurers provide you with varying insurance coverage and pricing plans. That is why Hin Lung Auto comes in to help you choose the right insurance cover that meets your needs.


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