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Things to Consider on Buying a Used Car - A Guide

17 July 2021

Singapore residents understand how important it is to own a car. A good car will help you to run most aspects of your life, literally. But not everyone can afford a new car. The good news is you can buy a used car, which is always cheaper and you can still choose any model or brand you want. The bad news is getting a quality used car can be overwhelming. You need to consider all factors and leave no stone unturned during the search.

To help you get a quality car, below we’ve highlighted some important things you should consider when buying a used car.

Set a budget

You want to buy a car that you can afford.  So when it comes to buying a used car, your budget should include; cost of purchase, maintenance, consumables, fuel, and paperwork.

The good thing about buying a used car is the array of choices you have even with a tight budget. You can choose to buy a 2-year-old Vios, or 4-year-old Accord, or 8-year-old Mercedes for the same price for a few thousand Singapore dollars. This means that even for a small budget, you can choose any car brand or model you want. However, you may have to settle for an older car if you choose the high-end models.

While people only look at the initial purchase budget, you should also consider the maintenance budget. Used cars do not have a warranty and are more likely to break down. So always have some money on the side for such eventualities. To keep these costs down, go for car models with cheap and readily available parts like Toyota.

Fuel also forms a big part of your expenditure when buying a car. So set aside a sizeable budget for fuel bearing in mind that used cars consume more fuel than their newer counterparts.

Ask the right questions

Asking the right questions when buying a used car can help you get a quality vehicle that gives you value for your money. Go beyond the typical, ‘was it lady-driven or weekend car?’ and ask questions that will give useful information about the car to determine its condition.

Some essential questions you should ask include;

•             What was the vehicle used for? Personal use, travel-heavy items, Taxi, moving around by sales agent, family, or commuting to work?

•             Did the original owner smoke inside the car?

•             Has the car been involved in an accident?

•             How was the car maintenance done and is it up to date?

•             Are there any features not working as they should?

•             What is the accumulated mileage?

All these questions should give you insights into the condition of the car, which should help you to decide if it’s the right fit for your needs.

Ask for the service records

The seller’s words should be backed with records. Most sellers will tell you some impressive things to convince you to make a sale. If a seller says their car was ‘casa-maintained,’ let them back that up with receipts of servicing showing the car was religiously maintained. Words alone should not suffice.

A well-maintained used car usually has a better shape and higher life expectancy and will give you more miles than a similar car without proper maintenance. The easiest way to prove proper maintenance is by seeing the records.

Ensure there’s correct paperwork

Buying a used car requires more paperwork than a new one. It is vital to have all the required paperwork to avoid fines, repayment of loans that you may not be aware of, and to make sure you’re buying a car from the rightful owner.

Buying a used car in Singapore

While putting all these factors into consideration may seem overwhelming, it is the only sure way to get a quality used car in Singapore. So set out your budget beforehand, and when you get the car that fits your budget and needs, ask the right questions and ensure you see the service records to determine its condition. Finally, have all the paperwork in place and you’ll be good to go.


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